F Motors Type

F type motors are closed and externally ventilated. The brake groups and all the motors parts are designed and made by Coel.
The brake group is supplied on series with “3ph. AC”
electromagnet but DC version is also available on request. The F series motors can be driven by inverter but in this case the brake supply must be separated from the one of the motor.
The motor frames of motors are in die cast pressed aluminium from 71 to 160 frame and in cast iron for frames180 and 200. The shafts of frames 71 to 132 are fitted with an hexagon on the back side for the manual rotation of the shaft. The brake can be manually released with a special screw supplied with the motor. The friction tracks are in cast iron and auto ventilated. The F series motors are designed for very heavy duty cycles in the version for intermittance duty and are suitable for continuous duty in version IE3 high efficiency.