PMT - Hoist drives

The PMT gearmotor is a parallel shaft gearbox combined with a safe and reliable brake motor studied for hoisting application.

The design is based on the AMD (advanced modular design) system which allows multiple product configuration thanks to the completely modular design of this system.
See dedicated section of this catalogue to check the different possible configuration possibilities.

The modular system also allows the mounting of different types of motors depending on the real need of the application; DC or AC3 phase brake, standard or increased protection degree, for marine application, Explosion proof version and many others.

The PMT drive system is studied in order to obtain the highest possible performance in terms of silent running, reliability, long life, easy maintenance.

General Features

- 3 stage gearbox
- Fine machining of the gears for low losses and silent runnig
- Cast Iron construction light weight to combine high mechanical resistance, any environment application and easy handling.
- Modular design prepared for mounting with interface flange, base mounting or customized requirements
- Integrated bearing support of drum and double bearing support with flange interface mounting type
- Output shaft available in DIN 5480 or special design requirement
- Increased axle distance for drum easy mounting

- Heavy duty design
- High starting torque
- High brake torque
- Limited maintenance
- Three phase or DC brake
- Protection degrees from IP54 to IP66 for motor and brake
- Version for marine application
- Explosion proof version (for certification and available zones please contact us)
- Versions with forced ventilation, encoders, and many optionals available (see COEL general catalogue for details)